The PENTIOS™ World Championship is the toughest endurance competition for the Professional Services industry and is completed over 24 hours.


PENTIOS – Explore 5 Business Disciplines over 24 Hours

PENTIOS World Championship is an intellectual business competition for professionals and students that is completed over 24 hours with multi-disciplinary business skills. It involves the completion of five continuous and sequential skills disciplines across Professional Services and Business Consulting industries. While several variations of a pentios competition can exist, the PENTIOS World Championship involves five non-stop challenges within 24 hours including: Financial Modeling, Actuarial Sciences, Big Data Analytics, Customer Loyalty Analytics and High IQ Intelligence. PENTIOS is both an individual and team-based event. Participants must compete in three of the challenges individually and can collaborate in teams on the two remaining challenges. Each challenges includes case studies, technical testing, IQ and aptitude exams that require exceptional commercial judgment, strategic insights and advanced business skills. The PENTIOS World Championship is the ultimate test of endurance, determination, teamwork and sustained intellectual excellence. A world-leading judging panel evaluates the ability of participants to collaboratively create ideas and solve real-world technical business challenges that matter to society. PENTIOS is without question the most difficult one-day business competition in the world.

The PENTIOS Journey – Qualification

PENTIOS World Championship qualification can only be gained in two ways. We automatically invite the professionals and students who have earned a place in any of the PSCL World Championship events ( since 2012. The second method is via a wildcard application. Wildcards applications will complete a brief written application form and undertake a series of three 20-minute interviews with technical business leaders. Successful Wildcards applications will be ambitious, well-rounded and high-achieving professionals that demonstrate their skills and have a passion to compete and network with the world’s best. Typical industries include: Management Consulting, Investment Banking, Accounting, Engineering, Supply Chain, Academia and Executive C-Level Leadership. Successful Wildcards are at the complete discretion of organizers and judges. The wide variety of skills needed to compete makes competitors among the highly celebrated and skilled analytical thinkers in modern professional services.

Honolulu, Hawaii – The Home of the 24-Hour Global Showdown

Top analytical professionals and University students will participate in the 24-hour PENTIOS business endurance in December 2017 in Honolulu, Hawaii. Corporates and participants can self-fund the costs of competing in the one-day world championship event (e.g. flights, meals, accommodation). The winning individuals and teams will be crowned the inaugural 2017 PENTIOS World’s Best Analytical Mind. The event and awards ceremony will be streamed Live online worldwide to over 100+ countries. More detailed information will be provided soon.

The PSCL Champions Conference in Hawaii (December 2017)

The PENTIOS World Championships will be immediately followed by the inaugural 3 Day PSCL Conference in Honolulu, Hawaii. Participation is limited to World Championship Finalists, judges, major global sponsors and participants in the PENTIOS. Presentations at the conference will be delivered by PSCL World Finalists, Judges and World Champions themselves. It’s a unique opportunity for networking, fun activities and elite learning among top professional services practitioners and business leaders. Participants are eligible for up to 20 CPD/CPE Continuous Education full credits for attending the technical education conference as part of their annual training and development programs. Partners are most welcome and attend the conference for free.

Highlights of PSCL Champions 3-Day Conference

  • Skills-Sharing Learning (Finalists invited to share technical skills, ideas, concepts
  • Exclusive Networking dinners with PSCL Major Sponsors (IBM, Microsoft, Google and more)
  • Hawaii Adventures – Kayaking, Tours, Sports and Live Music
  • Elite Leadership – Theme is “Psychology of Champions”